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In addition to being major wealth generators, culture and the work of our artists and artisans are essential to the health of our communities. The cultural/arts sector is vital to attracting the creative workers and investors driving the knowledge economy. It is also the fusion of our rich heritage with the creative expression of our artists that will produce the most compelling tourism experiences.

The preservation and celebration of culture (both aboriginal and european-based) is central to our work. Sample projects include: feasibility assessments (Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Museum and Cultural Centre), market needs analyses (Mid-sized Arts Venue, St. John’s), heritage master plans (Cupids Heritage Master Plan and Preliminary Strategy for 2010 Celebration), strategic plans (Resource Centre for the Arts, St. John’s) and business plans (Neptune Leatherworks Economuseum).

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Consultants in tourism and cultural industries, economic development, community planning


is a leading provider of consulting services in economic development with specialties in tourism, cultural/arts industries, tourism and community planning.

We are always at work

  • nourishing creativity - artistic, entrepreneurial, technological
  • preserving culture, environment and sense of place
  • basing new ventures on thorough market research
  • developing holistic action plans
  • ensuring quality of management, products and services
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“It is our creative ability that ensures our survival as a recognizable people and culture; that enables us to contribute to the enrichment of our nation”

George M. Story