economic development

We help communities, organizations and companies develop viable ideas for development. We believe that, for the outcome to be successful, the client must be actively involved throughout the process. Our role is to support with solid research and informed advice. Since 1984, we have developed experience in several key areas.

key experience

  • market research, feasibility studies and business plans
  • strategic plans
  • social/economic analyses
  • public consultation

Dennis Knight, President of the company, has had over thirty years of professional experience as an Economic Development and Planning Practitioner in Newfoundland and Labrador, Atlantic Provinces and Ontario.

market research, feasibility plans and new business plans

Sample projects by category are: warehousing, freight forwarding and trucking (Analysis of Argentia Gulf Ferry Service Extension), retail market research (Town of Gander Retail Trade Area Analysis), specialty food products (Market Research, Wildberry Juice and Nutraceutical Tea) and funding and investment proposals (a range of development opportunities).

strategic plans

Sample projects by category are: economic development plans (fourteen plans both regional and local) and management plans (Arts and Cultural Centres Structural Review).

social / economic analysis

We have completed social/economic impact assessments (Trans Labrador Highway) and program evaluations (Provincial Fishplant Licensing Policy Review).

public consultation

A wide range of public consultation programs have been implemented. We consider effective consultation and dialogue with stakeholder groups and the general public to be critical.

Representative projects are: province-wide consultation (Provincial Tourism Accommodations Needs and Product Development Strategies), regional consultation (Bay du Nord Wilderness Area), community consultation (Ramea Strategic Economic Plan) and Labour Force and community/industrial adjustment (Chair and support services to four Industrial Adjustment Service (IAS) Committees).

25 years

Consultants in tourism and cultural industries, economic development, community planning

d.w.knight associates

In a world of ever-increasing urbanization, our great challenge is to identify viable opportunities for rural and northern economies, to help them grow assets and remove barriers to growth.

A vital aspect is to explore the strengths that come from clustering distinctive communities into vibrant regions.