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Located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, we are in the business of helping companies, non-profit and government organizations plan and implement change through sustainable growth opportunities. We are a leading provider of consulting services in economic development with specialities in tourism, cultural/arts industries and community planning.

We supply specialist Planning, Market Research and Project Management services to help realize development objectives and bring effective results. Since 1984, we have developed a network of specialists across Canada and internationally whom we use to supplement our skills.

our services

  • Tourism and heritage master plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Feasibility analyses and business plans
  • Economic and social impact assessment
  • Land use plans
  • Market research and marketing strategies
  • Creative writing

about dennis knight

President of D.W. Knight Associates, Dennis is a Certified Management Consultant and Urban and Regional Planner. As a researcher and strategist, he has an extensive background in the economic, cultural and environmental health of rural economies. Over the past twenty years, he has developed a specialty in the tourism industry and, his lifelong passion, culture, heritage and the arts. Of special interest are viable opportunities for fusion amongst these sectors. In his spare time, he is a creative writer and amateur musician.

25 years

Consultants in tourism and cultural industries, economic development, community planning

d.w.knight associates

“True progress will only be achieved when our economic, social/cultural and environmental stewardship objectives are being met - today, but also for future generations.”