tourism & culture industries

Since 1984, we have been helping to build tourism, cultural and arts enterprises and to strengthen communities. Well over one hundred assignments have been completed in all regions of Newfoundland and Labrador and elsewhere in Atlantic Canada. In addition, we have completed numerous land use planning projects with both direct and indirect impacts on the tourism industry, for public and private sector clients. The work has involved extensive market research, product development, business planning and economic impact assessment.

the result:

An in-depth understanding of global and local travel markets and how to take the tourism industry to the next level in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Atlantic Region.

We will use our experience to your advantage. We have undertaken wide-ranging research into mainstream, emerging and high-yield niche markets.

The geo-tourism sector, which seeks out creative experiences that celebrate and help to preserve local culture and environment, is of particular interest.

Projects that represent our experience include: regional development strategies (in cuisine, agri-tourism, crafts, etc), local development plans (Placentia, Red Bay), professional development plans (Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism), marketing strategies (Appalachian Trail, Golf NL), economic impact assessments (East Coast Trail) and heritage master plans (Hebron, Nunatsiavut).

25 years

Consultants in tourism and cultural industries, economic development, community planning

d.w.knight associates

"Building successful tourism businesses and destinations for the 21st century requires focused attention on the ever-changing market place, on creating experiences that are high in distinctiveness, quality and yield and that respond to the needs of emerging markets. Preservation of both environment and culture will be critical."